Dark World Campaign

A Decisive Maneuver

After departing the Wardon Oasis the Heroes met with a group of Nomads. The Nomads spoke of a caravan heading for the Palace to the west. Further north, they run into The Jackal. After yet another botched attempt to steal something, Carrion is shot three times by her, before his friends are able to intercept. She agrees to join them on their quest to save Dutchess Maimbite in exchange for them aiding her in locating and getting the Globe of the Fire Primordial.

They located Maimbite in a cell and do battle with The Corruptor and The Devourer. Triumphant in the end, they rescue Maimbite, with the aid of The Jackal. Only to be assaulted by buildings. The Fire Primordial is already released, obviously by Marionette and is destroying Kara.

They find their way to Welcome, where they find Corporal Cornwallace, demoted for aiding them in their last endeavor with the air corps and remain for the night.



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