Dark World Campaign

A Drow Situation

With the completion of the Fire Elemental Business and the short vacation at the Golden Saucer the Heroes find themselves once again deep underground. The issue with the Dwarves was easy enough to deal with, and they managed to find and keep several items, including diamonds and Tirrilium.

The Drow, however, were not so easy. The Blood Ore was finally located, but not before Carrion 3.0 died at the hands of a Drow Blademistress. Woe is Carrion. After bolting the door and leaning against it, a Beholder on the other side, Balthasar watched as Valanna feverishly drew a ritual circle on the ground, creating a portal for which they may escape.

They arrived in Salem’s battered tower, where Bigalow confessed that his gold and riches were held in his Volcano Fortress.

What sort of lunacy will happen next? I have no idea…



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