Dark World Campaign

Chase, Rattle and Go!

The funeral was going just fine until Valanna spotted The Snake Man in the back. Casually following him out was going great until he took off running through the streets of Kenotaphion. Chasing him down was easy enough however, ending with Valanna hanging from a fire escape and Balthasar spearing him like an excessive violence call in football. ‘Oomph!’

Needless to say, Snake Man gave up some decent info.

  • He was sent by Marionette to spy on all of you.
  • To get him here she killed him.
  • She has many agents, typically working in ‘Carnivale’ troupes all around the world.
  • She is after something in Maiden Sari.

Next stop.. Fallcrest. And what better way to get to Fallcrest than by flesh-chomping, soul-rending wamphyri powered world-hopping ship? NONE! Maimbite and D’Cint (read as sexy demon lover) carry the heroes to the coast.

Two days travel and they’re home. BUT WAIT! THERE’S MORE! Disappearances in Fallcrest?! Good Gods! You don’t say? Yes. Blackwell explains people have been vanishing, and he thinks they’re being taken to the Wild Lands. Of course, his weakling guards couldn’t go investigate.. Maybe you can…

To Maiden Sari! Horses! No Horses! Horses! No Horses! Okay.. No Horses…

Owlbear pelt procured via expeditious slaughtering.

Into the tunnel. Ogre’s slain. Dragon bargained with. Lightening longbow given up. As well as all of Valanna’s Gems. Greedy Ranger dies briefly. Thank gods for Regdar the Bandaid of Avandra! Oh, then there is Basset. She was to be sacrificed to Erebus, which isn’t uncommon. She plays an Ocarina, and speaks Sarian.

Well. You make it out with the orb, after some very interesting physics while attempting to collect it from a tornado. And you all go home.. and it might seem to be over, except… THE DRAGON IS ATTACK THE TOWN OMFGPLZHALPUSLOLLMAOROFL!111. Balthasar, Carrion and Valanna hatch a diabolical scheme to explode the dragon. Which is successful, to the DM’s dismay. The dragon is vaporized. And everyone went back to bed.


The battle with the dragon was probably one of my favorite battles. :0

Chase, Rattle and Go!

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