Dark World Campaign

Into The Thick Of It

Several hours of searching the rain forest for a rear entrance to Arkhosia seemed futile. Until the armor belaiden Balthasar found a hole in the ground. Diving in headlong he soon located the source of the hole, a massive Mole. The Mole did not take kindly to the acid attack on it’s face and fled from the tunnel. Eventually, a side wall to Arkhosia’s lower quarters was found. Valanna’s Iron Fist Rock Crusher made quick work of the wall.

Some wandering and a bit of gritty battle in a confusing maze eventually led the party to a massive laboratory. Inside was a huge grinder, the sickened Orcs on a scaffold dumping in the living bodies of the captured humans from Fallcrest. The blood ran swiftly into the wall where it was absorbed promptly into creating La Magra. The vessel for which La Magra would occupy was a dragonborn, known at the conclusion of the mighty battle with Shoju Shadowmist (The Corruptor)to be Garda, father of Balthasar. Realizing he was still weak and on the losing end of an axe, mace and spellbook, Shoju cut his losses and grabbed The Devourer (Garda, La Magra) and fled from the prime material plane.

In all, 23 Fallcrestians were rescued because of the efforts of the stalwart group. Locating the nearby holding cells for the humans, they pulled them free. After some argument of whether to sacrifice an old man to their newest companion, Dutchess Maimbite, they decided it was best not to sacrifice him, and escaped via a portal beseeched by Valanna. Several Orcs were left to die in their cells. Tam quickly joined them at the very last moment, having been captured, yet again, by the foes of darkness. Oh Tam.

Back in Fallcrest it did not take long for the villagers to display their appreciation. Five thousand gold was awarded to the party on behalf of the city. Here more trouble was had when Gruach, Queen of the Lycans discovered that the younger Maimbite was currently occupying the home of the adventurers.

Regdar was kind enough to open a discount clinic for the people of Fallcrest, and was busy an entire day through with that. Meanwhile Dutchess and Valanna concocted a scheme to visit Lady-Queen Maimbite to deliver the news of their impending nuptials. Together, they set out for the Maiden’s Folly, off the coast of the Isle of Chalice in the Western Seas.

Maimbite would approve her daughter’s marriage only on the condition that they retrieve the Black Orchid from the top of the mountain. There, they met Susan the Golden Maiden, Antigone the Medusa, Triolus the Paladin and Nillillanalos the Elven hero. All were trapped on the island by their own quest for immortality. The treachery of the gods had offered them immortality, which they had recieved, only that they must remain on the island, and the only way to ascend to the Pantheon was to die. It was a cruel trick. The orchid would’ve set them free. Triolus the Ghosthunter Paladin was kind enough to throw himself and his men into the fray so that the party could escape on the wings of Balthasar from the mountain’s top.

Setting out to the Castle of Wamphyri the Maiden’s Folly, crew and passengers set out into the Ether once more. However, lacking refueling the ship quickly lost power and sent the crew reeling off the Ether and into the deepest reaches of the Shadowfell…



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