Dark World Campaign

The Shadowfell

The Ladies Maimbite and D’Cint set out to find the items to repair the ship, and, after vanquishing double crossing ghost and killing a vampire king, manage to do so. The ship repaired, they arrive shortly in Kenotaphion.

Griffons carry them to meet with King Maimbite, who confesses he wishes to be set free. Guarded by 1000 Wamphyri women to keep him at bay, the Heroes soon discover why he is kept where he is. Wamphyri males are bent on converting or destroying the entire population of the world.

Back in Fall Crest drinking ensues, after getting their stuff returned by Nix, the Faerie of Bad Ideas, and his guardian, The Dark Lady. Blackwell got drunk, so did everyone else, and in the end, things some how worked out without anyone dying. Including Peg Leg Finkle, who had apparently, traveled walked back from the dead.

Gruach met briefly with Dutchess Maimbite in the morning. Offering up a proposal that Dutchess kill her father. Of course this can only be accomplished by getting rid of Lady Maimbite, since she is the one who controls King Maimbite’s prison.


dont forget the epic night of sex that raged on into the morning lol

The Shadowfell

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