Dark World Campaign

Battle With The Empire

The Empress had departed, her airship destroyed and her Generals Slain by Darkdale Forces in cold blood by the order of the Lord. The promise of her forces arriving “Sooner than you may think…” seemed to weigh heavily on the minds of the Heroes.

It was not long before a massive storm rolled in the horizon. Black clouds that seemed angry boiled overhead as lightning begin to rain down on the battlefield. Each bolt left a smoking heap of black armor in it’s wake. The Imperial 1st Expeditionary Force had arrived…

The Militia of Darkdale set upon them immediately, led by Lord Balthasar the Mighty, Lady Knight Valanna the Wise, Sir Carrior the Swift and Captain Frost the Deadly. Though hard fought, they eventually overcame the forces of the Empire, though the victory is largely attributed to Valanna’s Artillery and Rayne Medical Unit.

It is rumored that Dutchess Jackal Fang the Murderous was so impressed with the swift and decisive defeat of her men that she upheld a laughable term of the agreement.. To sleep with Balthasar. Though this act did not come without a cost. Carrion later found him with two swords in his back, from wence later the Wings of The Arkhosia did sprout. Balthasar had ascended to greatness.

Though the Lord of Darkdale was not the only one discovering new found powers. Valanna had stumbled onto an ancient of powerful book, the Tome of Vitae, a book woven with the spells of the Bloodmage, printed on the flesh of men, and written in blood of the caster.

The heroes had little time to enjoy their victory however, as Morganna appeared with a message from Salem, sending the venerated group, in their ramshackle airboat, to Kunark once more, in search of yet another globe.

After some searching the area, and speaking with locals, they managed to locate a cave beneath Sand Isle, and make their entrance. After some struggling with currents they located yet another excavation, this one by froglocks, deep within the caves.

The Story So Far

“So you want to know about those guys huh?” The old bard asked four young souls in front of him. They were not only young, but fresh, A fighter, A sorceress, A Rogue and A Druid. The old bard could tell they hadn’t been many places, seen many things, but he recognized the look in their eyes.. They could be the next set of heroes…

“Buy me a beer, laddy, and I’ll tell you a little story I once heard..” They obliged. The old bard took a slow drink and swallowed, smacking his lips as the beer ran down his chin..

“They met in Jail, in a little town called Fallcrest, quite a bit north of hear. After getting out of jail they made their way to a little place called The Blue Moon Tavern, where they met a little damsel named Lady Rae. Little did they know, she would be the brunt of their worry for the next several months.

“Hurting for cash they took the first and only job they had been offered. Get Rae’s cube back from a local thieves guild. Which they did. It was easy enough for them, so they mangled the thieves, recovered the cube, and met a crazy old man living in the woods named Tomlin. Ray paid them handsomely, and they rented a room at the tavern for the night.

“The song of birds and sunlight didn’t wake them in the morning. Infact, it was not morning at all. Zombies pounded on the gates, which burned and creeked under their weight. Quick to assist, they met a gentleman named Sergeant Blackwell, extinguished the flames, and help repell the zombie attack. Though it’s rumored they burned down half a city block in attempt to cook eggs, I can’t very well see this group making a mistake so foolish and silly…

“In the morning Rae gave a speech, to cut to the chase, she had essentially convinced the city council to surrender control of the guard to her, which she then ordered to remain inside the village. Captain Ulrich was obviously involved, and SGT Blackwell, having faith in his new friends, sent them north to the cemetary to investigate.

“They fought through the cemetary, through the mosuleum and in turn through the catacombs. Finkle quickly abandoned them on the river of the Dead. And even managed to meet a Ravenheaded Priestess. This wasn’t the most revealing part of their trip however. When they returned they found Rae had turned on the Guards and brought in Undead Reinforcments. Fearless, the heroes killed Ulrich, ousted the undead and sent Rae packing.

“After a daring rescue in the musical ruin of Maiden Sari, CPT Blackwell arranged for them to travel to Valsynth in pursuit of Rae. Along the way they meet Lynn Tomlin, Tom Lynn’s daughter. They find Rae in a cathedral, and, after a rather brutal session of combat with Lady Maimbite and Rae, she departs, cathedral and all.

“A trip south ends them in the Ravenloft by some twist of fate, after a meeting with the Ghull Sorcerer Salem, where Balthasar is rumored to have actually thrown a warhorse, several yards to safety…

“There they meet Morganna, the Dead Messenger, Gruach, the Queen of the Lycans, and The Invincible Overlord, ruler of Kenotaphion. He sends them on a wild mission to kill the King of Candlekeep in order to procure a sex slave for Salem. Valanna completes this one, stabbing the good king in the head with her stiletto. Rather brutal, but what better way to die eh?

“On their way back to the twisted tower they run into a carnival caravan of the most peculiar sort. Headed by a woman named Marionette, they are tricked into continuing her contract by killing a virginal bride. Balthasar’s axe was the offending weapon. In return, Marrionette awards them passage to where Rae is, and Salem awards them a Soul Sucking Blade, the only tool that can destroy Rae before she can rebuild the Flesh Renderer.

“In the desert of Vashni, after passing through Kara, a strange desert city they forge on further north, where they arrive at the gnomish city of Welcome.

“Departing Welcome they arrive in the High Planes, where they meet Tam the Landala and his mother Korsa. Tam sneaks out to follow them north to Rae’s hide out, already surrounded by the Might of the Elven Army, headed by General Aramourn Merlon.

“With the help of the Elves, the Gnomish Air Corps and the Orc King Balrog Vorsh, they manage to fight back Rae, and make peace with Queen Maimbite.

“After a brief session of treachery with an assassin named Icarus Blue they escaped with their heads intact, heading on towards Kunark.

“In Kunark they managed to locate the Bodice of Life and slay Rae, with the help of Maimbite.

“Their mission continued, towards the great Glacier in an attempt to find Garda, Father of Balthasar. Here they met with Kord and his men, and in short order, departed for Darkdale, Balthasar’s lands…

“Bring me another beer, and maybe I’ll continue this story for you…


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