Dark World Campaign

A Drow Situation

With the completion of the Fire Elemental Business and the short vacation at the Golden Saucer the Heroes find themselves once again deep underground. The issue with the Dwarves was easy enough to deal with, and they managed to find and keep several items, including diamonds and Tirrilium.

The Drow, however, were not so easy. The Blood Ore was finally located, but not before Carrion 3.0 died at the hands of a Drow Blademistress. Woe is Carrion. After bolting the door and leaning against it, a Beholder on the other side, Balthasar watched as Valanna feverishly drew a ritual circle on the ground, creating a portal for which they may escape.

They arrived in Salem’s battered tower, where Bigalow confessed that his gold and riches were held in his Volcano Fortress.

What sort of lunacy will happen next? I have no idea…

Loose Ends...

The Fire Elemental is defeated, The Jackal is appeased and life has started to renew itself in Kara while everyone enjoys some time at the Golden Saucer. The Dwarven High Guard, Elven 1st Expeditionary Force and Gnomish Air Corps suffered tremendous losses however.

Thanks to the quick and effective efforts of the Heroes, the Fire Elemental was trapped again in it’s globe, currently in the care of The Jackal. With the Wind Globe in Candlekeep and the Water Globe in Kenotaphion there is only one left. Earth.

But that doesn’t seem to be the most pressing issue on the mind of the intrepid heroes. There is the matter of Resurrecting Master Salem…

To do so two items are required, Tirrilium and Blood Ore. Tirrilium can be found in the Dwarvish area near Welcome. However, Blood Ore can only be extracted from the Volcano near there…

A Decisive Maneuver

After departing the Wardon Oasis the Heroes met with a group of Nomads. The Nomads spoke of a caravan heading for the Palace to the west. Further north, they run into The Jackal. After yet another botched attempt to steal something, Carrion is shot three times by her, before his friends are able to intercept. She agrees to join them on their quest to save Dutchess Maimbite in exchange for them aiding her in locating and getting the Globe of the Fire Primordial.

They located Maimbite in a cell and do battle with The Corruptor and The Devourer. Triumphant in the end, they rescue Maimbite, with the aid of The Jackal. Only to be assaulted by buildings. The Fire Primordial is already released, obviously by Marionette and is destroying Kara.

They find their way to Welcome, where they find Corporal Cornwallace, demoted for aiding them in their last endeavor with the air corps and remain for the night.

To the mountains

In the middle of the night The Corruptor set upon Fallcrest. Rain fell in sheets as the heroes dashed to the aid of Captain Blackwell and the Fallcrestian Militia forces. After fighting their way through a street riddled with zombie soldiers they found the entire Militia dessimated in the street, their bodies tangled and torn as if by some massive, supernatural force. Forging on they located the Mayor’s manor home. Inside they could hear screaming and shouting. Carrion made quick work of the doors after convincing Valanna, reluctantly, to give up her lock picks so he might do the task.

Slipping inside however was another matter. Stumbling on a creeking, uprooted floor plank the devilish rogue knocked free a vase. The shatter was enough to draw the attentions of a massive Flesh Golem, comprised, partially, by the Major himself.

The ensuing fight was brutal, with Balthasar suffering several massive hits from the ham like fists of the monstrosity, however, good eventually triumphed. Charging the stairs they smashed through the main doors of the throne room only to find Blackwell, badly injured, struggling against the Corruptor. The Heroes charged headlong into the fray. The Demi-God was not about to lay down and die, after several rounds of brutal combat he cast one last spell, Frostburn, an area burst on himself. Valanna and Carrion were both killed by the deadly assault. Only Balthasar’s impressive fortitude kept him breathing.

Bleeding from several wounds and suffering greatly from the pain of their combat Blackwell and Balthasar charged back to the Heroes’ home, Valanna and Carrion set upon their shoulders. They arrived to find a scene far more horrible than they had found in the Mayor’s palace; Velynn was dead, Tam cut badly in the face. The young Landala boy pounded on Velynn’s chest, hysterically begging her to stand up. Tam’s tears were for naught, when Valanna had died so did Velynn, their astral link shattered in the blink of an eye. Another candle blown out in the winds of the evil gods. The door to the home, which was slowly being consumed by the greed of Garda’s fire blew open, coughing and covered in suet Bobby Rae emerged. Basset was dead in his arms. Long since suffering from smoke inhalation.

Fueled by rage and agony Balthasar charged the house. Climbing through smoke choked hallways and struggling over burning timbers he located Regdar, still passed out in his bed. Hoisting his comrade onto his shoulder he stepped through the door to Valanna’s room. Dutchess was gone. Kidnapped by his father, a Hero turned evil god. Her gunblade, all ten shells expended, sat upon the floor, and beneath her bed she has scratched, undoubtedly while trying to flee her attacker, ‘GARDA’. He escaped via the window, shattering the glass only seconds before a massive ball of fire nearly consumed them all.

Watching in dismay as his home burned to the ground, the bodies of his loved ones scattered about him like a macabre buffet, Balthasar did the only two things he thought might work. He gave Carrion, Valanna and Tam water from the bodice of life. Carrion awoke, Tam’s wound to his face healed, but Valanna was too far gone. As a last ditch effort he summoned the Lycan Queen, Gruach McBane. A ball of red fire announced her arrival, and in short order, she returned with Father Landis, Priest of Paradox.

It cost them 10,000 gold to resurrect Valanna, but if you asked them, it was worth it to have their spell flinging comrade back. Basset and Velynn were burried that night, in the snow and sleet.

Arriving in Valsynth two days later Balthasar got his much needed armor back from Lynn Tomlinson, the expert smith. She confessed she herself could not make the repairs to Salem’s sword. Fending their way through the forest they managed to locate Tomlin. After some crafty trickery by Valanna’s magic and Carrion’s slight of hand he confessed he could not repair the sword without two items; Blood Ore and Tirrilium.

Suffering from Mommy rot and in desperate need of expert healing, they departed for the Human Kingdom. There they found the temple of Anat, and the Holy Powers of the priestesses went to work on Carrion’s condition.

Another blast through the Dragongate landed them in Kara, the desert city. But they were not alone, The Jackal was also heading to the mountains near Welcome. They ended their trip this day, dirt shields in hand, just outside The Wardon Oasis, the last stop along the Land Runner Line, staring out at a Nomad encampment.

The Shadowfell

The Ladies Maimbite and D’Cint set out to find the items to repair the ship, and, after vanquishing double crossing ghost and killing a vampire king, manage to do so. The ship repaired, they arrive shortly in Kenotaphion.

Griffons carry them to meet with King Maimbite, who confesses he wishes to be set free. Guarded by 1000 Wamphyri women to keep him at bay, the Heroes soon discover why he is kept where he is. Wamphyri males are bent on converting or destroying the entire population of the world.

Back in Fall Crest drinking ensues, after getting their stuff returned by Nix, the Faerie of Bad Ideas, and his guardian, The Dark Lady. Blackwell got drunk, so did everyone else, and in the end, things some how worked out without anyone dying. Including Peg Leg Finkle, who had apparently, traveled walked back from the dead.

Gruach met briefly with Dutchess Maimbite in the morning. Offering up a proposal that Dutchess kill her father. Of course this can only be accomplished by getting rid of Lady Maimbite, since she is the one who controls King Maimbite’s prison.

Into The Thick Of It

Several hours of searching the rain forest for a rear entrance to Arkhosia seemed futile. Until the armor belaiden Balthasar found a hole in the ground. Diving in headlong he soon located the source of the hole, a massive Mole. The Mole did not take kindly to the acid attack on it’s face and fled from the tunnel. Eventually, a side wall to Arkhosia’s lower quarters was found. Valanna’s Iron Fist Rock Crusher made quick work of the wall.

Some wandering and a bit of gritty battle in a confusing maze eventually led the party to a massive laboratory. Inside was a huge grinder, the sickened Orcs on a scaffold dumping in the living bodies of the captured humans from Fallcrest. The blood ran swiftly into the wall where it was absorbed promptly into creating La Magra. The vessel for which La Magra would occupy was a dragonborn, known at the conclusion of the mighty battle with Shoju Shadowmist (The Corruptor)to be Garda, father of Balthasar. Realizing he was still weak and on the losing end of an axe, mace and spellbook, Shoju cut his losses and grabbed The Devourer (Garda, La Magra) and fled from the prime material plane.

In all, 23 Fallcrestians were rescued because of the efforts of the stalwart group. Locating the nearby holding cells for the humans, they pulled them free. After some argument of whether to sacrifice an old man to their newest companion, Dutchess Maimbite, they decided it was best not to sacrifice him, and escaped via a portal beseeched by Valanna. Several Orcs were left to die in their cells. Tam quickly joined them at the very last moment, having been captured, yet again, by the foes of darkness. Oh Tam.

Back in Fallcrest it did not take long for the villagers to display their appreciation. Five thousand gold was awarded to the party on behalf of the city. Here more trouble was had when Gruach, Queen of the Lycans discovered that the younger Maimbite was currently occupying the home of the adventurers.

Regdar was kind enough to open a discount clinic for the people of Fallcrest, and was busy an entire day through with that. Meanwhile Dutchess and Valanna concocted a scheme to visit Lady-Queen Maimbite to deliver the news of their impending nuptials. Together, they set out for the Maiden’s Folly, off the coast of the Isle of Chalice in the Western Seas.

Maimbite would approve her daughter’s marriage only on the condition that they retrieve the Black Orchid from the top of the mountain. There, they met Susan the Golden Maiden, Antigone the Medusa, Triolus the Paladin and Nillillanalos the Elven hero. All were trapped on the island by their own quest for immortality. The treachery of the gods had offered them immortality, which they had recieved, only that they must remain on the island, and the only way to ascend to the Pantheon was to die. It was a cruel trick. The orchid would’ve set them free. Triolus the Ghosthunter Paladin was kind enough to throw himself and his men into the fray so that the party could escape on the wings of Balthasar from the mountain’s top.

Setting out to the Castle of Wamphyri the Maiden’s Folly, crew and passengers set out into the Ether once more. However, lacking refueling the ship quickly lost power and sent the crew reeling off the Ether and into the deepest reaches of the Shadowfell…

Maiden Sari

After traveling deep into the heart of Maiden Sari once more, the PC’s found The Orb of the Wind Primordial, only after dispatching several foes and meeting a young woman with a Ocarina. Having pulled her back through the magical mirror she volunteered to guide them to Arkohsia, one of the Ancient Cities.

After meeting with Captain Blackwell once more the Heroes set out for Arkohsia, but first had to travel over the Great Divide. With the girl with the Ocarina as their guide they eventually found the ancient square Inca like pyramid, surrounded, no doubt by Orcs.

Chase, Rattle and Go!

The funeral was going just fine until Valanna spotted The Snake Man in the back. Casually following him out was going great until he took off running through the streets of Kenotaphion. Chasing him down was easy enough however, ending with Valanna hanging from a fire escape and Balthasar spearing him like an excessive violence call in football. ‘Oomph!’

Needless to say, Snake Man gave up some decent info.

  • He was sent by Marionette to spy on all of you.
  • To get him here she killed him.
  • She has many agents, typically working in ‘Carnivale’ troupes all around the world.
  • She is after something in Maiden Sari.

Next stop.. Fallcrest. And what better way to get to Fallcrest than by flesh-chomping, soul-rending wamphyri powered world-hopping ship? NONE! Maimbite and D’Cint (read as sexy demon lover) carry the heroes to the coast.

Two days travel and they’re home. BUT WAIT! THERE’S MORE! Disappearances in Fallcrest?! Good Gods! You don’t say? Yes. Blackwell explains people have been vanishing, and he thinks they’re being taken to the Wild Lands. Of course, his weakling guards couldn’t go investigate.. Maybe you can…

To Maiden Sari! Horses! No Horses! Horses! No Horses! Okay.. No Horses…

Owlbear pelt procured via expeditious slaughtering.

Into the tunnel. Ogre’s slain. Dragon bargained with. Lightening longbow given up. As well as all of Valanna’s Gems. Greedy Ranger dies briefly. Thank gods for Regdar the Bandaid of Avandra! Oh, then there is Basset. She was to be sacrificed to Erebus, which isn’t uncommon. She plays an Ocarina, and speaks Sarian.

Well. You make it out with the orb, after some very interesting physics while attempting to collect it from a tornado. And you all go home.. and it might seem to be over, except… THE DRAGON IS ATTACK THE TOWN OMFGPLZHALPUSLOLLMAOROFL!111. Balthasar, Carrion and Valanna hatch a diabolical scheme to explode the dragon. Which is successful, to the DM’s dismay. The dragon is vaporized. And everyone went back to bed.

The New Great Foe

After discovering that Marionette was behind the excavation in the Underwater Cave she slayed Salem. A battle broke out and Marionette eventually fled, though may have won if not for Balthasar’s great horn.

After the battle they returned to Kenotaphion then traveled the Candlekeep. The Globe of the Water Elemental was stored there by Lady Regent Nevia.

Finkle had closed up shop as a result of threats from the Snake Man, a disciple of Marionette’s. Likely because of his assistance to the heroes.

Gruach was dispatched to slay Tomlin, Lynn Tomlinson and Alminster the Grey.

They now await the Funeral of Master Salem the Ghuul.

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