The Holy and Unholy

The Prime Pantheon

  • Helios(Pelor in the PH): God of the Sun, Summer and Keeper of Time. King of the Gods.
  • The Raven Queen: Goddess of Death, Spinner of Fate and Patron of Winter.
  • Kord: The Storm God and Lord of Battle.
  • Erebus: God of Darkness, Treachery and Revenge.
  • See PH for additional Prime Pantheon gods.

The Dark Pantheon

  • The Void: Goddess of Destruction. Locked away in the Celestial Plane by the Prime Pantheon. In the Great War.
  • The Corrupter: God of Corruption, Taint and the Undead. Present on Earth.
  • La Magra: The Blood God, God of Greed, Gluttony and Illness. Locked away in Hell in the Great War.

The Primordials

Once ruled the planet, Earth, Fire, Wind and Water constantly reshaping the landscape. The God attempted to play nice, placing their creations on the earth in hopes they could avoid the constant change of the primordials work. This failed miserably. Time and time again, the Primordials destroyed the Gods creations. Anger filled the pantheon. Helios continued to press that a compromise could be found. Descent quickly broiled in the ranks. Erebus, as powerful as Helios himself, along with Lolth, Goddess of Shadow and the Drow, and Asmodeus, God of the Nine Hells banded together. They used mirrors, shadows and treachery to trick the Primordials into entering their prospective planes, where they then broken the mirrors. Angered by this betrayal, but unable to reverse it himself, Helios created four Globes from the glass of the mirrors, one for each Primordial to spite Erebus.

The Holy and Unholy

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