Yearbook Mock Elections

Most likely to Change Characters….. Carrion!

First there was Carrion the Paladin, but that didn’t work out, because he wanted to deal MASSIVE DAMAGE! Then there was Carrion2.0, Carrion the Ranger. That worked out for a while, until we all realized there is only one thing that really motivates Carrion, and it’s not saving the woods or protecting it’s cute and fluffy creatures.. It’s Money! Enter Carrion 3.0, Carrion the Rogue. Let’s see how long this one lasts.

Most likely to Flip Out On You….. Valanna!

So Balthasar ran in, attracted all the enemies, set off all the traps, caught you a fire then was knocked unconscious? So what if no one listens to you when you have perfectly good suggestions that don’t include “Kill Him” or “Kick Down The Door”.. SO WHAT? SO FUCKING WHAT? I’LL TELL YOU WHAT!!! Atleast, that’s what she would’ve said, in that situation. Stay tuned for Valanna’s next big flip out, it’s sure to be explosive.. har har har…

More to come…

Yearbook Mock Elections

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